International Express Courier from Hyderabad

One Dunia Worldwide Express provides fast, secure and convenient delivery of letters, documents, parcels, gifts, Medicine, Grocery, Food, Eatables, Electronic Gadgets, all types of condiments, Savories, Spices , Electrical goods, components, garments, manufactured items, non-commercial shipments, Cargo shipments, Air freights, Books, Stationery, Handicrafts, antiques, all types of household Goods, Excessive Baggage and goods worldwide.

We specialize in worldwide speed delivery and customized distribution of packages or freight of all sizes and description. With our service agreement with leading air express companies and regional hubs located at Dubai, Singapore, London and Newyork all shipments are routed through these gateways to be delivered over a network of more than 220 countries globally within 3-4 days.

One Dunia Worldwide Express Cargo has a new global express which offers you an unrivaled timely delivery all over the world and serves more than 220 countries worldwide. We are serving the priority shipping needs of the many respected companies. Every package we handle is guaranteed our highest priority. Once the package leaves your premises you can track the latest movement using our state of the art website.

Covering over 10000 cities worldwide spread across five continents. Extensive presence in neighboring countries.

CALL ON : +91-9394123624, 040-64542671
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