Indian Cancer Medicine to China, Pakistan, Vietnam

Medicine International courier services from India to Pakistan, Sudan, Africa, Oman, UAE, China, Singapore, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, and 240+ Countries. If you want we will purchase the medicine and courier to anywhere in China. Send your prescription or email medicine names to : or call on +91-9394123624, +91-40-64542671 visit us :

Blood Cancer :
Brand Name Drug, Dosage Form & Strength
Bortetor Bortezomib 2 mg, Injection
Nojetor Lenalidomide 5 mg, 10 mg & 25 mg, Capsules
Lymphtor Bendamustine 100 mg, Injection


Solid Tumors :
Brand Name Drug, Dosage Form & Strength
Capehope Capecitabine tablets 500 mg, Tablets
Dtaxane Docetaxel injection 20, 80, 120 mg, Vial
Torrence Epirubicin Hydrochloride lyophilized injection 10, 50 mg, Vial
Geftifos Gefitinib tablets 250 mg, Tablets
Gemitrate Gemcitabine lyophilized injection 200 mg, 1 gm, 1.4 gm, Vial
Oxaltor Oxaliplatin injection 50, 100 mg, Vial
Tortaxel Paclitaxel injection 30, 100, 260 mg, Vial
Pemotide Pemetrexed Disodium lyophilized injection 100, 500 mg, Vial
Abatitor Abiraterone 250mg, Tablets
Ersteine Everolimus Tablets 5 mg & 10 mg, Tablets


Supportive Care :
Brand Name Drug, Dosage Form & Strength
Chepatron Palonosetron injection 0.25 mg, Vial
Emvoid Aprepitant Kit capsule 125 mg + 80 mg, Capsules
Fillif Filgrastim 300 mcg, Prefilled Syringe
Fillif-peg Peg Filgrastim 6 mg, Prefilled Syringe
Vhope Voriconazole tablets 200 mg, Tablets
Zorrent Zoledronic acid 4 mg, Vial
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